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The Get Fired Up! Retreat is a shared vision and passion of Dagmar Meachem and Kelly Ockeloen who honestly want to inspire and motivate others to live happier and more fulfilled lives. They each bring their own life story and professional skills, offering a truly unique, fun and transformative experience for anyone looking to kickstart their life and become more inspired and motivated.

Dagmar Meachem

Dagmar Meachem

Dagmar Meachem

Personal Development Coach | Courage Space

I’m passionate about working with people in change, helping them move forward when they feel stuck and get them past obstacles holding them back from becoming their best selves.I believe that change can be an opportunity for massive personal growth. Read more.

Kelly Ockeloen

Kelly Ockeloen

Kelly Ockeloen

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach | every-body.fit

Born and raised in West Vancouver, I spent the majority of my childhood running around outside with my brother, playing catch, bike riding, and doing pretty much anything that meant getting fresh air all day and exercise (thank you Mom & Dad for that!). Read more.

A Special Partner

We’ve brought on a very special partner, Angela McConnell, a talented professional photographer in Vancouver.  Angela will come along on our retreats to capture the candid moments during the day, those moments of discovery, fun, joy and courage. Each attendee will also receive a custom portrait capturing themselves at the beginning and end of the retreat. You would be amazed at the difference! 

About Angela McConnell

Angela_mcconnellMy passion is photographing contemporary portraits. I love the one on one interaction with a client and earning your trust when you are feeling a bit vulnerable - I know exactly how that feels because I've been there too! Creating beautiful images is a team effort, and I would love to work with you on a session and images you will cherish.

I understand the hesitation, the excuses, because I have always made them for myself. 

I am a kiwi girl from a provincial town on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand. I followed my dream of backpacking around Europe where I met my future husband on a tour around Europe. We moved to Australia, where I lived for 10 years and my passion for photography was reignited. We have most recently moved to Vancouver, BC and it feel so good to reconnect with nature, particularly the ocean and mountains. 

I never intended to shoot portraits - my eye was always captured by the lines and form of architecture and nature, and translating this into abstract photographs focusing on detail. My aim was create something not immediately identifiable from something completely familiar. But now I have fallen in love with portraits, getting to know my client and developing a relationship where they can be comfortable with me capturing the connection between them and the beauty that their loved ones see in them.  Learn more about Angela.