GET FIRED UP! Life Coaching & Fitness
3 Day Bowen Island Retreat

Only $629


Can you imagine getting away for 3 days to an island where you get to hike, run and meditate while getting inspired to make positive changes in your life, all while amongst a beautiful natural coastal setting?

Yes! It’s the Get Fired Up! Coaching & Fitness Retreat on Bowen Island, BC

You will be rejuvenated and have more energy after learning some new ways to bring exercise into your life. You get to be spoiled with a healthy buffet breakfast every morning and a cozy luxurious bed while you leave your everyday stresses behind.

And on top of all that, you’ll get to participate in transformative group coaching sessions where you can take a look at where you’re at, get unstuck (if you need to), find some clarity of where you’re going and create some inspiring goals for yourself that you will be able to see become reality.

Does that sound like an incredible combination?

We’re looking for a group of 6 women to add Wonder Woman powers to this intimate, supportive and empowering retreat. Are you looking for a kickstart, a new start, a fresh start after a long and busy summer? Feeling frustrated, tired or stressed?

Join us and Get Fired Up!

Create Positive Change In Your Life and Get Fired Up!

Are you feeling frustrated, tired or stressed and are looking for some positive change in your life? Do you need a kick start or some inspiration? We get it, we've been there. Join us for a fun and empowering experience on Bowen Island, surrounded by the natural beauty of the West Coast. Take the step, invest in you and create positive change for yourself now.

How You’ll Be Getting Fired Up

Day 1

  • Afternoon run from the ferry
  • Stretch & roll and core workout
  • Group Coaching Session exploring life balance, values and goals
  • Dinner at a wonderful local Bowen Island restaurant

Day 2

  • Early morning meditation
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Group hike up Mt. Gardner
  • Group Coaching Session on life vision and purpose
  • Food Work & Talk on healthy eating plus home-made healthy dinner
  • Vision Board Fun

Day 3

  • Early morning meditation
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Group Coaching Session on goal setting
  • Inspiring run and workout
  • Group Coaching Session on setting intentions and creating actions

Why You Should Experience This Retreat

  • Get fired up about your life
  • Create inspiring life and fitness goals to propel you forward in your life
  • Learn how to bring fitness into your life and create more energy
  • Experience a new awareness about what’s possible
  • Feel energized physically and emotionally
  • Learn tools to balance your life and make lasting positive change
  • Face your fears and breakthrough emotional barriers
  • Unlock what’s keeping you stuck
  • Create a powerful mission statement

Book Now

We create custom bookings for private groups and if you’re on your own or in a pair, join an existing group. The best group size is between 6-8 people. So get in touch today, come and join us and get all fired up!


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1 Day Get Fired Up Retreat

  • Full Day Experience 8am-5pm
  • Trail Running and / or Hiking
  • Light Breakfast / Snack
  • Group Meditation Session
  • 2 group Life Coaching Sessions
  • Fun Fitness Training Sessions
  • Ferry Transport to Bowen Island
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3 Day Get Fired Up Retreat

  • 3 Days All-Inclusive Food & Accomodation
  • Trail Running & Hiking
  • Fun Fitness Workouts
  • Brain Games
  • Food Work
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • 2 Healthy Buffet Breakfasts
  • 1 Dinner at a Local Restaurant
  • 1 Dinner at Our Fun In-House Healthy Cooking Class
  • 4 Group Life Coaching Sessions
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