Life Coaching & Fitness Retreats

Everyone needs help finding motivation, will power and consistency sometimes, from first timer to experienced athlete.Join Dagmar Meachem from Courage Space Coaching and Kelly Ockeloen from on one of their fun, energetic and empowering outdoor retreats located on Bowen Island and Vancouver's North Shore. 

Situated amongst the West Coast's natural beauty, you will get 'Fired Up' about your physical and mental health along with creating inspiring goals and making positive changes in your life. Choose from our Half DayOne Day or Three Day Retreats to suit your budget or your lifestyle. We guarantee that our kick start retreats will set you back on track and get you rolling on the path you’ve been longing for.

Join us. Your adventure starts here.

Half Day Retreat

  • Half Day Experience 9:30am-1:30pm
  • Trail Running and / or hiking
  • Group Meditation Sessions
  • 2 Group Life Coaching sessions
  • Fun Fitness Training Sessions
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1 Day Retreat

  • Full Day Experience 8am-5pm
  • Trail Running and / or hiking
  • Light Breakfast / snack
  • Group Meditation Session
  • 2 group Life Coaching Sessions
  • Fun Fitness Training Sessions
  • Ferry Transport to Bowen Island
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3 Day Retreat

  • 3 Days All-Inclusive Food & Accommodation
  • Trail Running & Hiking
  • Fun Fitness Workouts
  • Brain Games
  • Food Work
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • 2 Healthy Buffet Breakfasts
  • 1 Dinner at a Local Restaurant 1 Dinner at Our Fun In-House Healthy Cooking Class
  • 4 Group Life Coaching Sessions
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I am grateful. I am still digesting my experience from your retreat.  It totally recharged my body and mind. The trail run nourished my body and soul. Dagmar took me on a journey to find myself from where I was lost. I feel like I no longer stand on the sidelines in my life!!  You two totally fired me up! Amazingly, that fire still keeps growing inside of me.
Thank you Kelly & Dagmar!!

Masami Barker

North Vancouver

The day retreat that I participated in on Bowen Island far exceeded my expectations.  Kelly and Dagmar are both excellent at what they do!  They have a knack of pushing your mind and your body in the most unassuming of ways.  I came away feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired.  I would highly recommend attending one of their retreats. It could be life altering in how you view yourself and the world around you.... not to mention the stunning venue of Bowen Island!

Thank you Kelly and Dagmar for getting me all fired up!!!

Celeste Atterton

North Vancouver

Thank you for today, we genuinely feel like it was helpful and very interesting. Though it was really hard in some areas it was a fantastic day. You and Kelly did a fantastic job together. We loved the combination of exercise (even though we gave Kelly a hard time😊) and mental work and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Meditating outside by the ocean felt amazing! I am definitely making plans in my head on what the next few weeks need to look like for me to create a new routine. Thanks for everything ladies, you are on the road to a successful business!!❤️

Theresa Taylor

Bowen Island

Create Positive Change In Your Life and Get Fired Up!

Are you feeling frustrated, tired or stressed and are looking for some positive change in your life? Do you need a kick start or some inspiration? We get it, we've been there. Join us for a fun and empowering experience on Bowen Island, surrounded by the natural beauty of the West Coast. Take the step, invest in you and create positive change for yourself now.